Welcome to my online Catalog

Myself, the owner of Pick Nature


My name is Camille, and I created PickNature in 2020.

Under this name it's just me, only me. Materials, creations, photos, visuals... everything, except for this website that my wonderful husband has created from for me ♡

I forage, grow and then dry every plant I use.

I use epoxy and UV resin to freeze nature in time. I love to observe my surroundings and recreate small landscapes in pieces of jewelry, or in any other items that bring nature into our homes.

I won't ever hurt an insect or plant for my art. When I pick a leaf or a flower, I'm careful not to hurt the plant, and if it is a wild one, I do some research on its conservation status. I leave rare plants alone.

Resin is also used to reveal the beauty of pieces of wood that could not be admired otherwise, because they are too tiny, broken or decayed. I usually source my wood from fallen trees or from woodworking friends who would burn their scraps if I was not here to save them :)

It is very interesting and enriching to explore all the possibilities of resin, even though it is a very good humility lesson every time : this medium has a life of its own, and it's hard to master it.

Since the pandemic hit, working with plants and resin has been pretty much a full time occupation.

It's always a good excuse to walk around in the woods, bogs, fields and mountains. I'm working! It is true though : I get the creativity mostly from what I see around me. And there is not one hike I can go on without me coming back with a backpack full of inspiration.

I also love to design meaningful pieces and I am always loooking forward to custom orders. If you have any wedding flowers, petals, favorite plants, anything special that you would like turned into a piece of jewelry (or any other object) then contact me, I'd be happy to work with you.

This website is still under construction, but feel free to explore my Instagram and Etsy shop in the meantime and contact me directly. I would love to hear from you